by Grize

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• All songs composed, arranged and performed by Grize. All lyrics written by Siqueira and Brincher, except "Elegy", written by Siqueira, Brincher and Ramos with a llitle help from Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935).
• Recorded by Rafael Pfleger at Estúdio Pimenta do Reino (Florianópolis, Brazil) between October and December 2015. Produced by Rafael Pfleger and Grize.
• Art direction by Sandro Brincher and Beto Brincher. Linguistic consulting by Fernando da Silva.


released March 1, 2016




Grize Florianópolis, Brazil

Just another alternative rock band from Brazil.
Formed in 2012, the band members are:
* Anderson Cordeiro [guitars]
* Caio Siqueira [drums/vocals]
* Rodrigo Ramos [guitars]
* Sandro Brincher [bass]

Our musical references are those 90s/00s alternative/indie rock bands like Sunny Day Real State, Dinosaur Jr, Polvo, Mogwai, Buffalo Tom, Sonic Youth, A Perfect Circle, Weezer, Quicksand, etc.
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Track Name: Chuvescura
[instrumental song]
Track Name: Teenage Days
Where is that spirit from the earlier times?
When we used to have courage for everything.
Other people's opinions were worthless.
Our only fear was not waking up.
Minds full of unbreakable convictions.
We used to have the right words,
Used to love without fear

Baby, you know those teenage days
would not last forever
Baby, you know there is no longer a place
where we can feel (un)safe.
Track Name: Elegy
There’s a light shining again
A little shy, but it’s all that remains
The elegy of blurred times
Now it seems like it’ll have an end

You’re still afraid of taking chances
Pretending you don’t care about it
Follow my steps inside your mind
Try to deny your feelings.

Swallowing the words she wouldn’t say
Hiding her love and feeling no pain
Hearing another voice to forget the plan
Just remember that later it will be too late.
Track Name: Winter
[contains excerpts from "A Winter Day", a poem by Alexander Search (Fernando Pessoa)]

The streets are streamlets
A sound of little waters,
on the roof, against the wall
And all we hear and feel
and know and see
Is this cold winter day

And in this sad winter journey
There’s a sense of loneliness
And the ghost of a cliché
Hanging over my quill

and it’s staring at me
trying to convince me
I’m not good enough
not good enough.

Greetings to all who dream!
to us, poor poets,
More or less mad, more or less foolish.
Track Name: alternative, rock, indie, alternative, grunge, indie rock, post rock - Deam In Disguise
So many plans I’ve made.
I’ve tried everything to avoid the shades.
Now I’m growing old, staring at the past...
How all that I wanted was so fake?

Dream in disguise
Denying true desires
Parodying my own life